Webinar: The What, Why, and How of Cybersecurity for IT and OT Cybersecurity webinar series - part 1

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Our transportation agencies are on the cutting edge of Information Technology with Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, Integrated & Active Corridors, Software Applications, and Multiple Networks. It has never been more critical to properly define and understand the basics of a Cyber Security Program. Every agency should be clear on why is it important? How are they exposed? What are the risks? How IT and Cyber Security work together? What are the available resources? Who needs to be engaged and when? How to develop a program?

The first step is to understand the Why, What and How of Cyber Security.

This is the first of three webinars that will be hosted by the NOCoE on cybersecurity. Check out part 2 of this webinar here.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why should a transportation agency be concerned about Cyber Security
  • What is and is not Cyber Security
  • What Resources are available today
  • How to create and maintain a Cyber Security program


  • Rick Tiene-Mission Secure, Vice President, Government and Critical Infrastructure

Mr. Tiene serves as Vice President – Government and Critical Infrastructure for Mission Secure, Inc. MSi provides state of the art control system cyber security visibility and protection to address the unique cyber security challenges of the transportation, oil and gas, power, and defense sectors. Rick joined MSi after helping build Alertus Inc. into the most trusted in-building alert system for campuses, military bases, government facilities, and the corporate sector. Prior to joining Alertus Rick helped establish Roam Secure and was one of the inventors of the Roam Secure Alert Network. RSAN was the first emergency communication platform to successfully include large scale high speed text messaging to cell phones and other wireless devices, revolutionizing first responder and citizen notification in emergencies. Mr. Tiene designed, negotiated and helped manage the 18 jurisdiction deployment of RSAN throughout the National Capital Region. This deployment stands as the national model for a regional system of systems providing communications interoperability for the most important city in the world. Due to the reputation he has developed in the industry and public safety community, Rick was nominated and voted to the board of the Partnership for Public Warning. PPW focused on the development of a coherent national strategy for warning. Rick chaired several important committees, chaired meetings and wrote sections of PPW’s National Strategy, National Strategy Implementation Plan and other key documents. As Vice President of Mission Secure, Rick works with members of every department to help ensure that the MSi platform remains the premier cyber security suite of products in the industry. Msi’ Operational Technology solutions go beyond traditional IT security to help ensure the safety and reliability of you operations against cyber aversaries.

  • Tom Burgoon-Skyline Technology Solutions, Business Development

Over the last 8 years Tom has worked with Federal, State, County, and Local transportation agencies around the country to design, implement and maintain cutting edge IT network solutions. Tom’s work has included developing video sharing programs for eight states, developing mobile platform solutions for safety patrol vehicles and snow plows, automated video downloads for buses and training, Platform as a Service solutions to support statewide solutions, and fiber network design and maintenance programs.

  • Laura Gomez-Martin – Skyline Technology Solutions, Cyber Security Compliance Advisor

Laura Gomez-Martin is an attorney with a specialty in cybersecurity and technology law who focuses on designing, implementing, and supporting large scale cybersecurity initiatives. Over the past several years, Ms. Gomez-Martin has served as the lead policy advisor for the development and implementation of the cybersecurity governance structure within the Maryland Department of Information Technology’s Enterprise Initiative. She has a strong understanding of the intersection of cybersecurity law and policy, including: risk management, secure implementation, and auditing of IT infrastructure. Currently, Ms. Gomez-Martin is in the process of establishing a repeatable process for the development of cybersecurity programs for Commercial, State and County governments, and DOTs. She holds a Master in Security and Intelligence (Cybersecurity Policy) and a Juris Doctorate degree focused on Intellectual Property and Technology Law.

  • Chip Stewart – Skyline Technology Solutions, Senior Network Engineering

Chip Stewart has over 20 years of experience in architecting, implementing, and securing a wide array of communication networks. Mr. Stewart has served as the lead architect on a number of National and Regional Service Provider networks, with a strong focus on scalability and security. Most recently, Mr. Stewart has been engaged in the development of the Security Operations Center for the State of Maryland, helping to improve the posture of the State’s networks and systems through the roll-out of a Cybersecurity program focused on the creation of a State Enterprise Architecture. Currently, Mr. Stewart is currently working to develop a scalable model for deploying cybersecurity programs to State and County governments and DOTs. Mr. Stewart maintains JNCIE #2122 in Service Provider Routing and Switching, and JNCIE #536 in Enterprise Routing and Switching.

Target Audience:

This webinar is intended for State and local/city transportation agency as well as private sector personnel who are directly involved with Cybersecurity, Information Technology (IT), and Operational Technology (OT) in the transportation industry. Additionally, this webinar is intended for transportation officials and managers who are interested in learning more about cybersecurity risks and solutions.

Operations Area of Practice

  • Transportation Management Centers (TMC / TOC)
  • Cyber security
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Resilience

Organizational Capability Element

  • Technical Understanding

Event Type

  • Webinar

Content Type

  • Presentation

Publishing Organization

  • NOCoE

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Issue Date
February 8th, 2018
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