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Webinar: Coordinating Information and Data between Traffic Management Centers and Public Safety Answering Points


The co-location and integration of traffic management enters (TMCs) and public safety answering points (PSAPs) offers the possibility of coordinating emergency services with traffic operations to increase the effectiveness of the traffic incident management. While attempts at integration exist at the state level, PSAPs are often run by county or city agencies, making for a natural coordination local or regional TMCs. This webinar will look at three TMCs that are co-located or integrated with PSAPs and evaluate the various models of integration and highlight best practices:



Bill Ferretti, Montgomery County, MD: Director, 9-1-1 ECC Department of Police Montgomery County, Maryland. Bill has been with the Montgomery County Department of Police for over 25 years and has been the 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Center Director since 2015. He has held previous positions within the center as Deputy Director and IT Manager. Bill began his career with the Department as an Intelligence Analyst working in the Special Investigations Division.

Paul Krisavage, Connecticut DOT Consultant: Captain Paul Krisavage retired as the Commanding Office of Statewide Narcotics in 2009, having served with the Connecticut State Police for 35 years in a host of assignments. He represented the Agency on numerous state and national committees and served as a Commanding Officer in a variety of disciplines, including transportation safety, highway incident management, aviation security, communications and investigations. He served as an Accident Re-constructionist responsible for investigation of serious injury and fatal crashes. He was selected to attend U. S. Navy Dive Training in 1974 and served as a member of the Connecticut State Police Dive Team conducting search and recovery mission throughout New England. Paul was the recipient of the Connecticut State Police awards for Bravery and Meritorious Service. Paul is an Affiliate of the IBI Group and currently serves as the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s, Project Manager for the Federal Highway Administration, Train the Trainer (TIM) Program. He is tasked with working with State, Local, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) and private sector entities in building the Highway Incident Management program. He works closely with the State Training directors for Fire and Law Enforcement Academies, as well as MPO and industry, such as towing and recovery, to coordinate TIM training activities and response planning. He provides support and planning assistance to the Department of Transportation for Highway Incident Management projects working with project partners to develop goals and objectives that promote highway safety. He provides program updates to State, Local and Federal Agencies. He reviews and provides commentary to the Department of Transportation on State and Federal legislation and regulation pertaining to Highway Incident Management.

John McClellan, MN DOT: John McClellan is the Freeway Operations Supervisor at MNDOT’s Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) in Roseville. John has worked for the DOT since 2002. John’s group is responsible for monitoring 800 Metro freeway traffic cameras; locating incidents, deploying overhead signs, coordinating response with State Patrol and dispatching the Freeway Incident Response Safety Team (FIRST). John is a regular presenter to first responders on highway safety and emergency traffic control.

Laurie Flaherty, NHTSA

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This webinar is intended for State and local/city transportation agency personnel who are involved in traffic management, safety management, emergency services and other operations functions for the transportation system. It will also benefit other practitioners, researchers and professionals who are interested in this topic.

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    Roadway Safety Services / Roadway Safety Patrol
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    Traffic Incident Management

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