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Using Operations Data to Support Mainstreaming TSMO


This webinar is part of an FHWA Office of Operations project to support mainstreaming Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) in transportation agencies. The webinar explores how the use of operations data for decision making in an agency can advance and integrate TSMO, leading to mainstreaming. Examples from several transportation agencies illustrate a range of applications of operations data to support decision making, from real time to long range investments. Examples include operations data used for:

  • Making the business case for TSMO
  • Identifying TSMO strategies
  • Helping TSMO solutions compete during planning and programming
  • TSMO investment prioritization
  • Safety improvements



  • Pat Noyes, Pat Noyes & Associates


  • Tracy Scriba, Federal Highway Administration
  • Jocelyn Bauer, Leidos
  • Rod Schilling, Nevada DOT
  • Raj Ponnaluri, Florida DOT
  • Natalie Bettger, North Central Texas Council of Governments

Target Audience:

State, regional, and local transportation agencies interested in mainstreaming and advancing TSMO in their organizations. This includes managers and staff in the areas of operations, planning, project development, program management, and programming.

Operations Area of Practice

    Data Acquisition, Support and Hosting

Organizational Capability Element

    Performance Management

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