TSM&O Workforce Development Webinar Recording and Presentations


Issue Date: 2016-04-11

Overview: Summary:

This webinar was a lead-up event to NOCoE's first National Summit on Workforce Development, and will review current TSM&O workforce development training opportunities.


Brad Freeze - Tennessee DOT
Kathleen Frankle - University of Maryland
Grant Zammit - Federal Highway Administration
Steve Lockwood - Steve Lockwood, LLC
Gary Euler - Independent Consultant

Source Organization Location: Washington, DC

Agenda: ase see slides

Learning Objectives: rn about workforce development offerings

Course Credit Requirements:

Course Credit:

Cost: $0.00

Instructors (Presenters, Host): See summary

Target Audience: TSM&O Practioners

Organizational Capability Element: Education, Training & Professional Activities, Staff Development

Content Type: Presentation

Role in Organization: Associate Engineer, CEO / GM / Commissioner, Director / Program Manager, Emergency Manager, Engineer, Maintenance Staff, Manager / First Line Supervisor, Media / PIO, Operator, Principal Engineer, Public, Public Safety Officer, Researcher/Academic, Senior Engineer, Senior Manager, Technician, Transit Professional, Transportation Planner

Publishing Organization: NOCoE