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TRB24 Digital Infrastructure Preview



This webinar previews several workshops at the upcoming TRB Annual Meeting that will seek to advance roadway digital infrastructure.

  • Welcome and Agenda Overview – John Corbin
  • Emerging Strategies for RDI in the US (25 minutes)
    • National Roadway Digital Infrastructure Strategy – Deepak Gopalakrishna
    • AASHTO Vision and Moonshot to Light Up the Interstate – Larry Dwyer
    • ITSA Digital Infrastructure Strategy – Tim Drake
  • TRB Workshops Preview (40 minutes)

Each workshop preview will include an overview, identify critical issues related to RDI, discuss anticipated outcomes, and outline possible next steps.

  • Workshop 1003 Transportation Systems Management and Operations Data Exchanges: On-Ramps to the National Roadway Digital Infrastructure – Mike Haas
  • Workshop 1004 Preparing, Conducting, and Summarizing the Results: Assessing Traffic Management Systems – Pete Marshall
  • Workshop 1042 Information Technology Will Not Let Me Work and Operations Technology Will Sink Our Network – Vaishali Shah
  • Workshop 5002 Roadway Digital Infrastructure Strategy – Valerie Shuman
  • Q&A (25 minutes)
    • Audience TRBAM24 Event & Reception Chat-Outs
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