Transforming the Transportation Industry with Cooperative Automation Research Mobility Applications (CARMA)



This webinar explains what CARMA is, how to use CARMA, and review existing plugins/features of CARMA. It highlights how CARMA supports the Cooperative Automation Research Program to safely improve the operational efficiency and maximize capacity of our Nation’s urban and rural roadways.

Video demonstration of the CARMA Software.



Laura Dailey and Monica Brito


Taylor Lochrane: Ph.D.,P.E.Technical Manager, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation.Dr. Lochrane is the Technical Manager for the Cooperative Automation Research Program in the Office of Operations Research and Development located at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC). He is currently leading a team of engineers developing the Cooperative Automation Research Mobility Applications (CARMA) platform which supports testing and evaluation of prototype Cooperative Automated Driving Systems (CADS).

John Stark: John Stark leads the software engineering work at FHWA's Saxton Lab, building systems, including the reusable CARMA platform, to explore cooperative vehicle behavior and how roadway operators can best support those behaviors. Mr. Stark has been with Leidos for 23 years, and previously was an engineer at McDonnell Douglas Aerospace.

Kyle Rush: Kyle Rush is a software developer with the Leidos at the Saxton Transportation Operations Laboratory. His primary focus at the STOL has been work on prototype connected-automated vehicle applications such as eco-approach and departure, platooning, and the CARMA platform. He has also been involved with DSRC messaging work such as building decoders and encoders, processing the data for usage in a connected vehicle or data environment, and using the data for interoperability testing between products from multiple vendors across multiple different connected vehicle pilot programs.

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December 18th, 2018
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