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The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) seeks to achieve zero deaths from vehicle crashes. Proactive transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) practices are a key to success in achieving zero fatalities on Tennessee highways. The TDOT SmartWay Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) are the focal point of real time operations and the HELP Highway Incident Response Units are an extension providing emergency response to stranded motorists. This emergency service is a key tactic for the reduction of secondary crashes when extended road closures or restrictions occur.

However, nationwide experience has shown that simply being proactive and providing the timeliest response possible in real-time isn’t fully achieving a zero fatality goal. The need exists to use data, advanced geospatial techniques and continued emphasis on logistics management to achieve a predictive posture.

Tennessee has experience with predictive operations through efforts by the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP). By using the TITAN system, THP reported that it has been able to predict heavy vehicle crashes and driving under the influence (DUI) crashes to an accuracy level of 70 percent. TDOT believes that adapting and integrating the THP methodology with the SmartWay TMCs and the HELP units could help achieve predictive operations that will help contribute to TDOT’s zero fatality goal.

This virtual peer exchange will bring together agencies from across the United States, to share some of their best practices, challenges, and lessons learned, as they have refined their own use of mobility data for performance management and predictive analytics applications.

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June 5th, 2017
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