SSP Idea Sharing Network Webinar: Working with Other Emergency Responders and NOCoE

On August 3, 2020, hosted its seventeenth Safety Service Patrol Idea Sharing Network webinar with support from NOCoE. The topic of the webinar was focused on Working with Other Emergency Responders. The webinar focused on emergency responders’ best practices for managing competing priorities at an incident scene, including methods for training, communication, and initial introduction of the Safety Service Patrol to other emergency responders. Meeting agenda included:

Welcome & Introduction (Sam McClain & Lauren Dufresne)
COVID-19 and Resources (Sam McClain & Scott Yinger)
Operator Memorial and Highlights (Todd Leiss, John McGregor, and Rebecca Gibson-Schott)
Theme Introduction (Todd Leiss)
Presenters (Latta Null, Marc Bashoor, Scot Graham, & Derek Arnson)
Closing Remarks (Sam McClain & Lauren Dufresne)

Target Audience: Safety Service Patrol professionals, including managers, supervisors, patrol operators, etc. and FHWA Division Administrators

Learning Objectives: To share best practices across the Safety Service Patrol industry

Operations Area of Practice

  • Roadway Safety Services / Roadway Safety Patrol
  • Traffic Incident Management

Event Type

  • Webinar

Content Type

  • Presentation

Publishing Organization

  • NOCoE

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View webinar recording on YouTube.

Issue Date
August 3rd, 2020
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