Mainstreaming Integrated Corridor Management (ICM)


This webinar introduces FHWA's informational document “Mainstreaming ICM: An Executive Level Primer” and explains how best to use it (FHWA-HOP-19-040). The document can be downloaded here.

Target Audience: ICM community; areas where ICM is either actively engaged (operating) or being considered. Agency leadership and staff that would be involved either in championing, decision making, or day to day operation if ICM. Audience is assumed to have a basic knowledge of the tenets and strategies behind ICM.

Learning Objectives: Explore the Primer. Explain what its purpose is. Explain what “mainstreaming” is in the ICM context. Generally inform people that the document exists and what its purpose is.


Neil Spiller, FHWA Ops: Neil Spiller has been with FHWA Headquarters, Office of Operations (HOP) in Washington D.C, since 2003. He is a program manager for three areas: Managed (MLs); Integrated Corridor Management (ICM); and Localized Congestion and Bottleneck Reduction (LBR). In addition, he is the HOP contact and liaison for the discontinued Access Management program, but for which HOP still has national “community activity” presence, promotion and endorsement of AM principles. Prior to coming to FHWA, Mr. Spiller was the Traffic Engineer and Transportation Planner for Frederick County, MD for 11 years, and prior to that, eight years as a private-practice consulting engineer. He obtained his Civil Engineering degree from the University of Maryland.

Greg Hatcher, Noblis: Mr. Greg Hatcher is a senior transportation engineer with Noblis with over 28 years of ITS industry experience, and is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Mr. Hatcher has managed and served as the principal investigator on many USDOT ITS program tasks, including ITS evaluation technical support and Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) program support, and served as a technical contributor on other tasks, including other multimodal research programs. He has conducted or led a wide variety of task activities to include research, systems engineering, program/project evaluation, program and strategic planning, rulemaking, outreach, state-of-the-practice assessment, and acquisition support. He currently provides advice and ITS subject matter expertise for a wide range of topics to the Noblis on-site strategic planning support team and leads related research tasks and assignments. Mr. Hatcher is the lead author of the Mainstreaming ICM Primer, and has co-authored many technical reports on ITS, including the “ICM: Implementation Guide and Lessons Learned” and a capstone report “ICM Program: Major Achievements, Key Findings, and Outlook.”

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  • Corridor and Arterial Traffic Management

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  • Webinar

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  • NOCoE

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May 19th, 2020
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