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LinkerAT Data Tool: Conflating Two Different Roadway Network Data Sources


This webinar features the LinkerAT data tool. The LinkerAT is a prototype, open-source software tool, developed under NCHRP 08-119, for use by transportation agencies and their partners to conflate two different roadway network data sources. Specifically, the team designed LinkerAT to address the problem of relating the Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS)/Traffic Message Channel (TMC) network and the All Roads Network on Linear Referenced Data (ARNOLD). These network datasets describe roads and connections for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The RITIS/TMC network is used to segment and report real-time vehicle speed data. ARNOLD is a specification developed by FHWA to inventory each state’s roadway network in terms of road configuration and condition by segment. ARNOLD serves as the mapping foundation of the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS). Due to the difference in the intended use and purpose of the RITIS/TMC network and ARNOLD, segmentation of the networks and representation of network features vary significantly.

Conflation is the process of identifying common points and references to reconcile two or more geo-datasets across overlapping areas. Because of differences in scales, resolutions, and sometimes accuracy or conventions, data referring to the same location often do not have the same geographic reference and are challenging to combine. This leads to defining “near enough” criteria to expect two references to represent the same feature. The use of “near enough criteria,” while allowing several corresponding features to be merged effectively, is not perfect. Network conflation is a continuing need and challenging task for agencies using geo-referenced maps and databases.

This webinar is part of the data for planning and operations webinar series. 


Kelley Klaver Senior Director of Transportation AEM Corporation


Ed Granzow Practice Leader - Transportation Modeling, Jacobs


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