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Improving Access to Voting Events with Traffic Analysis and Work Zone Management


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is supporting the use of traffic analysis and enhanced work zone management to improve access to voting events. This effort aids the United States Department of Transportation’s support for Executive Order 140191, “Promoting Access to Voting.”

This webinar will present some of the concepts and resources available to State and local agencies to leverage traffic analysis tools and work zone management techniques to identify if there are issues with voting access in an area and if so, how to reduce the impact.


Moderator: Deepak Gopalakrishna (ICF) and Jerry Ullman (TTI)


  • James Colyar, Federal Highway Administration
  • Jawad Paracha, Federal Highway Administration.

Operations Area of Practice

    Travel Demand Forecasting
    Planned Special Events Traffic Management
    Work Zone Management

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