How To Get Involved in A TRB Standing Committee: Secrets From The Pros -Part 2

TRB Operations and Preservation Group (OPG) Young Member Council & NOCoE


TRB standing committees drive the research agenda and look beyond the state of the practice to address important research problems that may affect the transportation world in the near and far future. They identify research needs, provide information to the transportation community, review papers for presentation and publication, encourage the incorporation of appropriate research findings into practice, and develop special programs, conferences and workshops.

The TRB Young Members play a crucial role in promoting and implementing research proposed by these committees and in bringing innovation and a youthful perspective to trending topics. Therefore, there is a need to engage Young Members in the creation of the research agenda and involve them in the committee activities. The best way to achieve that is for Young Members to join a standing committee as a friend or member and volunteer their experience and expertise. The TRB’s Young Member Council is willing to pave the road for Young Members who seek information regarding the standing committee themes, involvement criteria, and required skills to perform well in committee activities and contribute effectively to their ongoing research.

In this webinar, the Operations and Preservation Group standing committees will present their themes and missions, some of the exciting challenges they are currently addressing, and their agenda for involving Young Members in their committee. The webinar will include a series of presentations delivered by the committee chairs and members followed by an interactive question/answer section, where the presenters will enthusiastically respond to Young Members’ questions and give them an overview of how they can contribute and get involved in their exciting activities.

Target Audience

This webinar is intended for Young Members. It will indeed provide exposure to a wide audience who are interested in TRB activities whether they are a first-timer, young professional, or student.

Learning Objectives

  • Offer the audience the chance to learn about different available committees, their goals, and their challenges
  • Provide information on how to interact with the TRB standing committee representatives
  • Deliver an opportunity for the Young Members to learn how to volunteer for and get involved in committee activities
  • Determine the best way for Young Members to contribute to the future of committee’s research


  • Leila Hajibabai, PhD (
  • Nikola Ivanov, PMP (
  • Richard Cunard


  • Robert Bertini: Operations Section
  • Peter Koonce: Standing Committee on Traffic Signal Systems
  • Timothy Gates: Standing Committee on Traffic Control Devices
  • David Bergner/Caroline Leary: Standing Committee on Maintenance and Operations Personnel 

Event Type

  • Webinar

Content Type

  • Presentation

Publishing Organization

  • NOCoE


  • How-To
  • Learning
  • Networking

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Issue Date
November 9th, 2017
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