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Freight Data Management


This webinar presents a simplified, generic, and robust freight data querying methodology that data enthusiasts can leverage to encourage the implementation of an interoperable freight data architecture. The webinar first presents the current state of practice in freight data interoperability in the areas of data processing, data fusion, and data querying, followed by a discussion of a freight data querying methodology. The webinar then demonstrates the preliminary implementation of the querying methodology for various use cases. The proposed methodology assumes four base parameters for querying most freight data sources: location, time, vehicle classification, and use case. The tool infers other parameters, such as route and geographical extent, from the start and end locations specified as part of the data query.

NCFRP Report 35 Freight Transportation Data Architecture: Data Element Dictionary showcases the need for an interoperable freight data architecture to help strengthen multimodal freight data collection efforts, enable interoperability between multiple systems, and aid with data accuracy verification, validation, gap identification, and integration for seamless exchange of information (Walton, et al., 2015). Several attempts have been made to address differences in freight data sources, as well as data collection, querying, and fusion methodologies. However, most studies address specific data sources or aim to address a specific use case. Differences in spatial and temporal data collection methods, modes of transport, privacy issues, and the limited number of available tools create significant limitations in this field. The ever-changing nature of data further complicates maintaining an interoperable freight data architecture and the need to update the architecture.

This webinar is part of the Data for Planning and Operations webinar series. Moderator: Kelly Klaver, Senior Director of Transportation, AEM Corporation


Kelly Klaver Senior Director of Transportation AEM Corporation

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