Collection, Analysis, and Use of Data to Improve Traffic Incident Management (TIM): Innovative Examples from Successful States




The FHWA Every Day Counts Round 4 Innovation, Using Data to Improve Traffic Incident Management (EDC4 TIM Data), is working with more than 30 States to advance collection, analysis, and use of traffic incident data. Incident data and analysis can improve safety programming, operations management, and strategic planning to reduce the likelihood of crashes, and reduce secondary crashes that involve incident responders. During this webinar, you will hear firsthand from three agencies that actively collect, analyze, and use TIM data. These speakers will share the ways in which they use this information and the value they have derived from it to improve TIM and responder safety. This interactive webinar will allow participants an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters and participate in relevant polling questions.


PAUL JODOIN, TRAFFIC INCIDENT MANAGEMENT (TIM) PROGRAM MANAGER FHWA OFFICE OF TRANSPORTATION OPERATIONS, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION : Mr. Jodoin has served as the TIM Program Manager for FHWA for the last seven years is also the program manager for the FHWA Every Day Counts Round Four (EDC4) Innovation, Using Data to Improve TIM. Prior to joining FHWA, he worked for 38 years at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation as the manager of the Highway Operations Center and was instrumental in starting their traffic incident management program.


JOSUÉ CRUZ, P.E., TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS (TSM&O) PROGRAM MANAGER PUERTO RICO HIGHWAY AND TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (PRHTA) : Mr. Cruz has served as an engineer for the PRHTA for 13 years. During the last 8 years, he’s been responsible for the development of Puerto Rico’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Programs; including the implementation of the Safety Service Patrol Program, and managing consultant contracts for the Traffic Management Center (TMC) operations and for the development of ITS projects, such as the deployment of ITS field devices and the construction of a new Regional Traffic Management Center.

SHAWN KINNEY, TRAFFIC INCIDENT MANAGEMENT (TIM) PROGRAM MANAGER TRAFFIC ENGINEERING AND OPERATIONS, FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION : Mr. Kinney has served as the TIM Program Manager for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for the last four years. Prior to joining the FDOT TIM Program, he worked for 7 years with the FDOT Emergency Management Office as the Domestic Security Manager. As the FDOT TIM Program Manager, he has been instrumental in the modernization of the TIM program, development of information sharing applications and technological changes designed to be compatible with future technologies.



  • TIM practitioners who are interested in collection, analysis, and utilization of TIM data.
  • State and local agencies interested in learning how to present TIM data analysis to stakeholders
  • TIM Program Managers and TMC Managers looking for ways to improve their access to data that enables performance-based management.

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September 26th, 2018
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