CMM Dimensions Webinar Series 2: Organization and Staffing


Issue Date: 2015-08-11

Overview: This second webinar in the series involves a variety of aspects including programmatic status, organizational structure and accountability, staff capabilities, training/development, and recruitment and retention.


Dennis Motiani, Executive Director, NOCoE

Joe Gregory, Program Manager, FHWA Office of Operations


Steve Lockwood, Independent Consultant

Brad Freeze, P.E., Director, Traffic Operations Division, TN DOT

Glenn McLaughlin, P.E., Deputy Director, Maryland State Highway Administration Office of CHART &ITS Development

Joan Sollenberger, Manager, Office of Strategic Development, CALTRANS Division of Traffic Operations

Source Organization Location: Washington, DC

Operations Area of Practice: Organizational Models

Organizational Capability Element: Organizational Structure/Staffing

Event Type: Webcast

Content Type: Presentation