CARMA Webinar Series: Work Zone Use Cases


This webinar provides an overview of work zone use cases developed through the FHWA’s CARMA Program. Updates are shared on completed and upcoming validation testing, and learn how they can utilize FHWA’s research and contribute to the CARMA Platform.

Target Audience

  • Transportation agencies & infrastructure owner operators.
  • University researchers.
  • Developers and deployers of CDA technology.

Learning Objectives

Participants will hear from CARMA engineers and developers, and have the opportunity to ask questions about progress, challenges, and next steps in the testing process for work zone use cases.


  • Nicole Paladeau (Communications Specialist, Leidos)


  • Pavle Bujanovic (Government Task Manager, FHWA)
  • Mike McConnell (Software Engineer, Leidos)
  • Sudhakar Nallamothu (Project Manager, Leidos)

Presenter Bios

Pavle Bujanovic, Government Task Manager (FHWA): Pavle Bujanović is the Technical Manager of the CARMA Program’s Reliability Research Track. In this role he focuses on conducting Cooperative Driving Automation (CDA) research that will improve nonrecurring traffic congestion scenarios including TIM, work zone, and weather events. He is also the Technical Manager of FHWA’s CARMA 1tenth (C1T) efforts where the purpose is to decrease the barrier to entry into CDA research by creating an ecosystem of vehicles and infrastructure at roughly one tenth the size of real world systems.

Sudhakar Nallamothu, Project Manager (Leidos): Sudhakar Nallamothu is currently a Project Manager for the Saxton Transportation Operations Laboratory (STOL) at FHWA. He directs CARMA and other projects in the field of connected and automated vehicles. Previously, Mr. Nallamothu managed the ATMS/ATIS software development and was an Applications Manager for transportation. He provided software product management guidance, including management of the agile software development life cycle and research and development (R&D) program.

Michael McConnell, Software Engineer (Leidos): Michael McConnell is a Software Engineer at the STOL. Mr. McConnell has a multidisciplinary background in robotics engineering and is the environmental perception team lead for CARMA Platform development. In this role, he oversees the design and implementation of solutions to enable CARMA systems to share and interpret information about the world in which they operate. He is also leading the upgrade of the CARMA Platform system to the next generation of the Robot Operating System framework ROS2.

Operations Area of Practice

  • Connected Vehicles
  • Work Zone Management

Organizational Capability Element

  • Vehicle Systems/Connected Vehicles
  • Work Zone Management

Event Type

  • Webinar

Content Type

  • Presentation

Publishing Organization

  • NOCoE
Issue Date
September 29th, 2021
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