CARMA Simulation Updates


Following the implementation of the first cooperative driving automation (CDA) technical working group, experts working on the FHWA CARMA product suite discussed updates to CDA simulation work such as Everything in the Loop (XIL).

Target Audience: Research stakeholders who are conducting simulation for CDA technology

Learning Objectives: To inform people about the status of CARMA Simulation research.

Moderator: Bradley Wong (FHWA Contractor)


Kyle Rush, Software Engineer (FHWA Contractor): Kyle Rush is a Software Engineer who has been working for Leidos at the Saxton Transportation Operations Laboratory (STOL) on Cooperative Driving Automation (CDA) projects for over 6 years. He has been involved in the development of 3 generations of CARMA software, Glidepath Eco-Approach-and-Departure, and Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control applications. Outside of vehicle automation applications, he has worked on smartphone based pedestrian alert systems for mid-block crossings and various simulation efforts for CDA applications. Kyle also now helps to operate the CARMA Support Services helpdesk, providing information and technical support to individuals and organizations interested in applying CARMA in their own research.

Zhitong Huang (Ph.D.), Senior Transportation Engineer (FHWA Contractor): Dr. Huang is a Senior Transportation Engineer with over 14 years of research experience; he has conducted over 20 research projects in the field of transportation engineering. His main focus is on roadside unit (RSU) and roadside equipment (RSE) testing and standard development, connected and automated vehicle (CAV) systems, and transportation modeling and simulation. Dr. Huang is leading and participating several CAV research projects at the Federal Highway Administration’s Saxton Transportation Operations Laboratory, Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center. Dr. Huang has worked on several projects which provide RSU/RSE engineering support and procurement services for connected vehicle testbeds.

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  • Automated vehicles
  • Connected Vehicles

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  • Vehicle Systems/Connected Vehicles

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  • Webinar

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Issue Date
April 22nd, 2021
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