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Adventures in Crowdsourcing: Open Source Code to Jumpstart Analytics


Is your agency a Waze® Connected Cities Partner or planning to become one? Does your agency manually monitor this free data feed and would prefer to set up alerts when travel times are atypical? Would your agency like to implement analytics that enable traffic engineers to conduct before-after studies for road networks on-demand? The webinar featured the following presenters:

  • Monsur Ahmed, Traffic Engineering Manager, City of Irving, Texas will discuss how their agency used the free, open source GitHub code developed by Lake County to set up alerts within a few hours. This new capability helps their traffic management center (TMC) detect congestion quickly and adjust timing to improve operations in real-time.
  • Ryan Legare, TMC Manager at Lake County Division of Transportation, Illinois will highlight how their agency uses Waze® and broader operations data to actively manage their signalized arterial roadways. He will then demonstrate how to access and use Lake County’s GitHub body of code to notify operators of potential roadway incidents.

The Adventures in Crowdsourcing webinar series spotlights the use of crowdsourced data to enhance transportation operations. Visit the Adventures in Crowdsourcing webinar page to view the recent webinar on crowdsourced emergency management. Other webinars in this series cover topics including modern data management, traffic signal systems, traffic incident management, work zone management, social media for operations, engaging navigation providers, validating crowdsourced data, and more.   


Ralph Volpe, FHWA Office of Operations and EDC-6 Crowdsourcing Initiative Co-lead

Target Audience

  • Transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) practitioners

  • Traffic Management Center managers

  • Performance focused operations personnel

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how regional agencies are leveraging new crowdsourced data to improve operations, safety, and planning.

  • Learn about new resources and support available through the FHWA EDC6 Crowdsourcing program to help agencies derive even greater safety, reliability, and cost-savings benefits from crowdsourced data.

Operations Area of Practice

    Data Acquisition, Support and Hosting

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