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Adventures in Crowdsourcing: New Destinations with FHWA EDC-6 Innovation


This webinar kicked off the FHWA Every Day Counts Round Six (FHWA EDC6) Crowdsourcing for Improved Operations program with the theme of “Deeping Crowdsourcing Roots for More Fruitful Benefits.” Round Six will help agencies transform from single-source, single-purpose crowdsourced data use to a strategy that gathers, integrates, applies, and shares multiple data to improve real-time operations and operational systems planning among state and local agencies. During this webinar, the FHWA EDC6 Crowdsourcing Program team introduced the four focus areas for the FHWA EDC-6 Crowdsourcing Innovation:

  • Modern Data Management
  • Sharing and Integrating Data
  • Archived Data Uses
  • Adding Data Sources and Applications

The FHWA EDC6 Crowdsourcing Program team will also highlight the types of support available through EDC6 Crowdsourcing and highlight State and local successes through EDC5 Crowdsourcing. Presenters will touch on TIM, traveler information, road weather management, arterial management, performance management, work zone management, traffic studies, ITS and road maintenance, and emergency management improvements through crowdsourcing.

Moderator: Nathaniel Price, RBSO Manager, FHWA Oregon Division


  • Deeping Crowdsourcing Roots for More Fruitful Benefits  Toni Whitfield, Crowdsourcing for Advancing Operations Program National Team and FHWA Arizona Division.
  • Evolving from Traditional to Modern Data Management Benjamin Pecheux, Director of Information Research, AEM Corporation
  • Improved Decision Making using Archived Crowdsourced Data Vaishali Shah, Transportation Systems Program Director, AEM Corporation
  • Innovative Crowdsourced Data Sharing and Applications Dr. Kelley Pecheux, Sr. Director of Transportation Data Science 

Target Audience

  • Transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) executives
  • Performance focused Operations Personnel

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the four themes for the FHWA EDC6 Crowdsourcing innovation through case studies and examples.
  • Learn about new resources and support available through the FHWA EDC6 Crowdsourcing program to help agencies derive even greater safety, reliability, and cost-savings benefits from crowdsourced data.

Speaker Bios

Toni Whitfield is the Operations Engineer for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Arizona Division. In this role, she works with partners to improve highway safety and mobility through operations programs and projects. Since 2011, Toni has worked in various roles with FHWA in Illinois, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona. Toni earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Southern Illinois University. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Arizona.

Mr. Pecheux helps federal clients (e.g. DOT, DOD, DHS, NOAA, ED) by auditing, architecting and prototyping data collection, data mining, text mining, business intelligence, and data visualization systems using AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics. He led NCHRP 20-103 to create guidance for the management of sustainable enterprise information portals for transportation agencies and was the big data expert for NCHRP 17-75 which assessed 31 data sources for application towards big data opportunities for TIM. Mr. Pecheux serves as a technical data management, governance, and integration expert for the Crowdsourcing for Advancing Operations FHWA EDC-5/EDC-6 innovation team.

Vaishali Shah focuses on helping federal and state agencies innovate through technology and process change, from ITS for highway systems, to crowdsourcing and connected vehicle data. She is a member of the Crowdsourcing for Advancing Operations FHWA EDC-5/EDC-6 innovation team, and has worked with multiple State and local agencies to advance their use of archived crowdsourced data. She also leads the FHWA project, Applying Predictive Analytics into the Real-time Management and Operation of Traffic Management Systems (TMSs).

Dr. Kelley Pecheux applies research and practical experience in transportation operations, safety, and ITS. Dr. Pecheux is currently at the forefront of the collection, aggregation, analysis, and dissemination of data for performance measurement, management, and decision-making, and serves as PI on four recent and on-going TRB projects specifically focused on improving the collection and use of data including NCHRP 08-119, Data Integration, Sharing, and Management for Transportation Planning and Traffic Operations.

Operations Area of Practice

    Integrated ITS Deployment
    Real Time Traveler Information
    Data Acquisition, Support and Hosting

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