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Adventures in Crowdsourcing: Modern Data Management


“Big Data” for transportation operations and the broader transportation enterprise is here. Managing this data is no small feat. This webinar brings together FHWA, State, and Industry experts to offer strategies and insights to help agencies understand the opportunities and considerations in evolving to modern data management practices to support the use of crowdsourced and broader “Big Data.”


Greg Jones, FHWA EDC-5 Crowdsourcing Co-Lead, and FHWA Office of Operations Resource Center


Platforms to Support Emerging Data – What Goes to the Cloud? Benjamin Pecheux, Chief Data Scientist, AEM Corporation

Creating a Data Business Plan, Walter During, FHWA Office of Transportation Management

Georgia DOT and the Atlanta Regional Commissions Strategy for Data Acquisition and Sharing, Matt Glasser, Assistant State Traffic Engineer at the Georgia Department of Transportation and Kofi Wakhisi, Senior Principal Planner with the Atlanta Regional Commission, Georgia

Target Audience

  • Transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) managers and practitioners.
  • State and Local Department of Transportation Information Technology professionals.
  • Performance-focused transportation personnel.

Speaker Biographies

Benjamin Pecheux is the Chief Data Scientist at AEM Corporation. He has 25 years of experience in auditing, architecting, and prototyping data collection, data and text mining, business intelligence and data visualization systems. He’s worked on multiple high-visibility projects for Federal agencies including the Department of Transportation, the Department of Defense, the US Department of Homeland Security, the Intelligence Community, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Department of Education. He also supports the EDC6 Crowdsourcing for Operations effort providing technical guidance for crowdsourced data integration with TMC operations.

Walter During is a Transportation Specialist at the Federal Highway Administration and successfully developed and implemented the USDOT Mobility Data Business Plan’s Charter among program offices and serves as the Chair for its on-going implementation. This program also assists States and local governments in the development of their Mobility Data Business Plans. He currently leads the evaluation of the world’s largest coordinated deployment of connected vehicle technologies, a $45M Research and Development Project. Prior to joining the Administration, Walter was the Regional Design Engineer at Staunton District in VDOT and subsequently, the Traffic Engineer for the Winchester area. Earlier, Mr. During managed the Traffic Management and Transportation Planning programs for a local government and had also done consultancy services in these areas. He is a registered Professional Engineer and an Accident Re-constructor.

Matt Glasser is the Assistant State Traffic Engineer at the Georgia Department of Transportation, overseeing statewide interstate operations. He manages Georgia’s ATMS software, 511 services, statewide safety service patrols, and ITS design, maintenance, and operations. Matt has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Georgia Tech and is a licensed professional engineer in Georgia.

Kofi Wakhisi works in the Transportation Access and Mobility Group with the Atlanta Regional Commission in Georgia. He supervises the Regional Planning and External Coordination team, responsible for carrying out the federal planning process relating to active modes, transit capacity expansion, freight and logistics, transportation systems management and operations, livability, and transportation equity.

Operations Area of Practice

    Data Acquisition, Support and Hosting

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