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Adventures in Crowdsourcing: Identifying and Managing the Back of Queues (EDC5 Webinar Series)


Crowdsourcing turns transportation system users into real-time sensors on system performance, providing low-cost, high-quality data on traffic operations, roadway conditions, travel patterns, and more. Identifying and managing the back of roadway queues is an important part of traffic operations and safety.

Target Audience

Transportation agencies, traffic/transportation management center personnel, GIS and mapping staff, traffic data analysts, emergency management organizations, and public safety agencies. 

Learning Objectives

Hear from agencies that have or are advancing in the practice of data management to support crowdsourced data in operations.

Better understand ways that agencies and responders can identify and manage traffic queues due to work zones, incidents, and other sources of congestion.



Paul Jodoin is the TIM Program Manager in the FHWA Office of Operations with over 45 years of transportation experience between his state DOT and FHWA careers.


Lee Han: Dr. Han is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and an Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) Collaborating Scientist at the University of Tennessee (UT).  He has worked extensively in the areas of traffic engineering, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), traffic operations, emergency evacuation and management, and crash records. His research for Tennessee DOT helped upgrade TDOTs ability to provide early notice of traffic queues to the motoring public and responders in the field who manage and protect queues, improving roadway safety.

Yuandong Liu, PhD Candidate at University of Tennessee

Ed Cox: Ed manages ITS Engineering for the Indiana Department of Transportation's Traffic Management Group.  He has more than 20 years of experience in traffic operations for INDOT.  Ed has done extensive work in the area of traffic operations, vehicle probe data, work zone management, incident management, and emergency operations.  Vehicle probe data and work zone management are important parts of queue management discussed by Ed.

Brian Purvis: Brian has an extensive history as a traffic engineer and traffic incident management champion.  Brian’s former position with the North Carolina DOT and work on the SHRP II National TIM Responder Training Program led to his current assignment supporting Georgia’s Coordinated Highway Assistance and Maintenance Program (CHAMP).  CHAMP is a deployment of resources with the combined mission of safety service patrol and asset maintenance on rural freeway segments in the state.  CHAMP operators routinely use crowdsourcing apps in a grass roots way to enhance their ability to work and Brian describes that use.

Operations Area of Practice

    Travel Demand Management
    Real Time Traveler Information
    Data Acquisition, Support and Hosting

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