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Adventures in Crowdsourcing: Engaging Navigation Providers (EDC5 Webinar Series)


Crowdsourcing turns transportation system users into real-time sensors on system performance, providing low-cost, high-quality data on traffic operations, roadway conditions, travel patterns, and more.  Agencies can make roadways safer and more reliable, improve operational efficiency, and support cost-effective monitoring through crowdsourcing for operations.  Engaging private-sector companies that provide crowdsource data is an important part of the two-way exchange of data and information that occurs between public and private agencies.  This webinar provides a practitioner’s view of how to best work with navigation providers.

Target Audience
Transportation agencies, traffic/transportation management center personnel, GIS and mapping staff, emergency management organizations, and public safety agencies.  
Learning Objectives
Better understand ways that public agencies can engage private navigation providers to ensure accurate information and mapping is available to the public.

Paul Jodoin, FHWA Office of Operations
Kelly Wells – North Carolina Department of Transportation – Working with Mapping Providers
Chris Lambert – Kentucky Transportation Cabinet – Making Maps and Info Current with Crowdsourced Data Providers

Operations Area of Practice

    Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
    Data Acquisition, Support and Hosting
    GIS tools

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