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Adventures in Crowdsourcing: Data Management and Governance for Better Crowdsourced Data Applications (EDC-5 Webinar Series)


Crowdsourcing turns transportation system users into real-time sensors on system performance, providing low-cost, high-quality data on traffic operations, roadway conditions, travel patterns, and more. This webinar highlights data governance strategies and data management techniques to help agencies understand the nature of crowdsourced data and how best to make it usable for current and future needs.

Crowdsourced data from real-time sources such as vehicle probe providers and free mobile-based applications (for example, Waze) require data management strategies that support both immediate operational uses and archives that provide great value for near-term and long term planning efforts. This webinar includes State and Local experiences in making use of new and “big” data and will also feature snippets of forthcoming NCHRP framework for managing data from emerging transportation technologies.

Target Audience

  • Transportation Operations Managers that would like to make better use of crowdsourced data and ready for use of data from emerging transportation technologies.
  • Public Agency Information Technology managers and local data stewards that help transform data to usable information for operations, planning, and performance reporting.
  • Executives across transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) and other lines of business that need to better understand data management and governance.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what data management and governance is, and why it is increasingly important and relevant, particularly as agencies shift to derive greater value from a variety of data –from crowdsourcing and Internet of Things devices to connected vehicle data.
  • Hear from agencies that have or are advancing in the practice of data management to support crowdsourced data in operations.



James Colyar, FHWA EDC-5 Crowdsourcing for Operations Program Lead, FHWA Office of Operations: James Colyar is a Transportation Specialist with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Office of Operations. He has been with FHWA for over 15 years and has worked in offices in Arizona, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Washington state. He has experience in traffic engineering, traffic analysis and modeling, intelligent transportation systems, and transportation systems management and operations.

Vaishali Shah, AEM Corporation



Subrat Mahapatra, Deputy Director, TSMO & CAV, Office of CHART & ITS Development, Maryland Department of Transportation: Subrat Mahapatra is the Deputy Director at MD DOT SHA CHART. He oversees the development and implementation TSMO & CAV Programs. Subrat spent 12 years in the Office of Planning leading various data analytics and performance management efforts before moving to Operations. Subrat has a Masters in Civil Engineering from UMD College Park and is regarded as a national expert in TSMO and performance management.

Michael Schnuerle, Data Officer Office of Civic Innovation and Technology (CIT), Louisville Metro Government: Michael Schnuerle is Louisville's first Chief Data Officer in the Office of Civic Innovation and Technology, and is working to use data to improve government performance and transparency, with responsibility for open data, citywide data strategy, and fostering employee data-driven decision-making. He has spent 14 years in civic tech, and 24 years working on internet projects. His first product as an entrepreneur was an online crime map built using open records requests and Google Maps in 2005. This grew into open data advocacy and building civic services around real-time transportation, public safety, geocoding, data standards, and APIs, and led to co-founding Louisville's first Code for America brigade. His latest focus is collaboratively building common open source tools with other governments and partners through the Open Government Coalition, and serving on the Open Mobility Foundation.

Benjamin Pecheux, Director of Information Research, AEM Corporation: Mr. Pecheux is the director of information research at AEM. He has with over 23 years of experience in auditing, architecting and prototyping data collection, data mining, text mining, business intelligence and data visualization systems. He worked on high-visibility projects for several clients including the US Department of Transportation, the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Homeland Security, the Intelligence Community, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the US Department of Education and several local agencies. He served as PI on NCHRP 20-103 to create guidance for the management of sustainable enterprise information portals for transportation agencies and is the big data expert supporting NCHRP 17-75, NCHRP 03-128 and NCHRP 08-116. As part of the EDC-4 Using Data to Improve TIM innovation, Mr. Pecheux developed a strategic plan for integrating emerging technology data with existing data systems at the Michigan DOT. He has also integrated data from 11 sources from 9 states to develop ways to generate and visualize performance measures for TIM. As part of a Nevada DOT pilot project, He used roadway sensor data, as well as weather, event, and hotel occupancy data and applied a big data and machine learning approach to evaluate/assess data quality, generate congestion prediction models, and integrate forecasting capabilities into TMC operations. He is currently supporting the EDC5 Crowdsourcing for Operations effort focusing on the integration of crowdsourced data with TMC operations.

Operations Area of Practice

    Real Time Traveler Information
    Data Acquisition, Support and Hosting
    Regional environmental data sets and models

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