2017 Multi-State Peer Exchange: Communicating the Future of Transportation

National Operations Center of Excellence


This multi-state peer exchange took place on April 10 – 11, 2017 in Denver, CO. The goal of the peer exchange was to discuss how communications can assist and enable transportation systems management & operations and transportation technology, in general. You can view the proceedings of this peer exchange here. Representatives from the following agencies were on hand to participate:

  • Arizona DOT
  • California DOT
  • Colorado DOT
  • Iowa DOT
  • Maryland DOT
  • Missouri DOT

Specific topics included:

  • Applying strategic communications to transportation operations

  • Lessons Learned during communications planning, organizational integration and communications implementation

  • How are communications programs focused on change management spectrum (Awareness of need for change, Desire to support and participate in change, Knowledge of how to change, Ability to implement required skills and behaviors, Reinforcement to sustain the change)

  • Public Engagement Process (Planning, Research, Implementation)

Attendees, representing seven states, each presented on specific transportation topic areas where communications played a key role. After each presentation, other attendees than shared their respective experiences, including with the development of one-pagers.

CALTRANS One Pagers, Overall Funding Communications, P3s, Road Usage Charge, Tech-Implementation, Technology Planning and Integrations, Tolling, TSMO Implementation, TSMO Planning

CDOT One Pagers, P3s

IOWADOT One Pagers, IOWA DOT Technologies

IOWADOT One Pagers, MI DOT Technologies

MODOT One Pagers, MODOT Implementation, MODOT Technologies, MODOT Tolling

Source Organization Location

Denver-Aurora, CO

Operations Area of Practice

  • Active Traffic Management (ATM)
  • Adaptive Signal Control Technology
  • Corridor and Arterial Traffic Management
  • Freeway Management
  • Regional Traffic Signal Operations & Program Management
  • Traffic Signal Timing

Organizational Capability Element

  • Asset Management
  • Performance Management
  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Programming/Budget/Funding
  • Project Development
  • Scoping
  • Economic Analysis of Reliability/Costs and Benefits
  • Evaluation of Operations Strategies
  • Performance Measurement
  • Reliability Predictive Models
  • Freeway Operations
  • Standards and Interoperability
  • System Architecture / Engineering
  • Testing, Verification & Validation (V&V)
  • Vehicle Systems/Connected Vehicles
  • Leadership/Championship
  • Outreach & Marketing
  • Program Status/Authorities
  • Technical Understanding
  • Local government/MPO/RTPA cooperation
  • Outsourcing/PPP
  • Public safety agency collaboration

Event Type

  • Conference
  • Meeting
  • Workshop

Role in Organization

  • Associate Engineer
  • CEO / GM / Commissioner
  • Director / Program Manager
  • Emergency Manager
  • Engineer
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Manager / First Line Supervisor
  • Media / PIO
  • Operator
  • Principal Engineer
  • Public
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Researcher/Academic
  • Senior Engineer
  • Senior Manager
  • Technician
  • Transit Professional
  • Transportation Planner

Publishing Organization

  • NOCoE

Maturity Level of Program

  • Assessment (L1)
  • Deployment (L3)
  • Development (L2)
  • Monitoring (L4)


  • Available Tools
  • How-To
  • Learning
  • Networking

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April 11th, 2017
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