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SFpark, San Francisco, CA


The following project elements are part of the SFpark program.

  • Sensors in on-street parking and City-owned garages track when and where parking is available
  • Parking data is made available to the public via, smartphone applications, and 511.
  • Adjust meter and garage pricing up and down to match parking demand
  • Longer time limits at parking meters
  • Garage facility upgrades to make them more convenient
  • The goal of the pricing adjustments is to have at least one parking space on every block
  • New meters are provided to make it easier to pay with a variety of methods

Operations Area of Practice

    Active Parking Management

Organizational Capability Element

    Active Traffic Management/Travel Demand Management/Pricing

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Case Studies & Lessons Learned

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SHRP2 Program


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Kittelson & Associates
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