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JAWS: Julie's Automated Waste-Removal System


JAWS started with a simple idea: take a standard equipped Emergency Response (ER) truck and retool it to have an automated dropdown skid-plate that can “scoop” debris off the roadway and onto the shoulder where it can then be removed in a safe manner. This quickly removes the debris and eliminates the need for a backup vehicle which further delays traffic and causes erratic lane changing behavior.

JAWS Represents All Five Transportation Categories:

  • PLANNING – Conceived in house by ER Operator(s)
  • DESIGN – Fabrication done in house by Fleet Ops
  • OPERATIONS – Ease of use without leaving the vehicle
  • ADVOCACY – Reminds motorists of the risks involved
  • SAFETY – Eliminates congestion and lane changes

Operations Area of Practice

    Equipment Management
    Roadside Maintenance

Organizational Capability Element

    Public safety agency collaboration

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Case Studies & Lessons Learned

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