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Guide for Identifying, Classifying, Evaluating, and Mitigating Truck Freight Bottlenecks


This Guidebook provides state-of-the-practice information to transportation professionals on identifying, classifying, evaluating, and mitigating truck bottlenecks. The bottleneck analysis described in this Guidebook is focused on utilizing truck probe data rather than traditional travel demand models. The primary application for the methodologies is evaluation of truck bottlenecks for prioritizing investment decisions.

This Guidebook serves the following purposes: 

  • Defines a common language related to truck freight bottlenecks; 
  • Classifies truck freight bottleneck categories based on causal and contributing factors; 
  • Describes truck bottleneck state-of-the-practice; 
  • Provides highlights from several case studies related to truck bottlenecks; 
  • Describes data sources used for truck bottleneck analysis; 
  • Provides a spatially scalable methodology for identifying truck freight bottlenecks; 
  • Describes quantitative measures for truck freight bottleneck categories for determining bottleneck severity, impact, and ranking and subsequent decision-making; 
  • Describes mitigation options for truck freight bottlenecks; and 
  • Describes how to integrate freight bottleneck analysis into the planning process. 

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