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Connected/Automated Vehicle Research Roadmap for AASHTO


Connected and Automated Vehicle (CV/AV) technologies continue to advance towards introduction into public roadway systems. More than ten states now have significant CV pilot programs, allow AV testing on public roads, and/or are in the planning stages for AV/CV programs, projects, and deployments. However, there are still a variety of open questions and issues that need research, planning, and resolution at state and local transportation agencies to enable successful deployment of CV/AV. This project is assessing those open issues and developing a roadmap of future research projects and efforts that AASHTO, U.S. DOT and related groups should pursue. There are four tasks in the project. First, the research team compiled a catalog of institutional, legal, policy, and operational issues related to CV/AV technologies that will affect agencies and the public. The catalog was narrowed to critical issues designated for near term research by consolidated rankings by the panel. These highest-ranked issues were consolidated into projects, with description of goals, scope, anticipated outcomes, budget, schedule, and linkages to associated research and efforts undertaken by others. A procedure for maintaining and updating the roadmap will be developed following consensus on the content of the projects. Finally, the project will be summarized in PowerPoint slides (executive summary and long-form) that can be used by AASHTO and member agencies in disseminating the information to decision-makers, partners and stakeholders.

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