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Building a Foundation for a TIM-Focused USA Program


The theme for this workshop was Building a Foundation for a TIM-Focused UAS Program, and was targeted for those locations that are just starting to explore using UAS for TIM. The agenda and speakers for this workshop include:

Making the Business Case for UAS – Detective Kevin Nelson, Washington State Patrol

UAS Operations in Ohio – David Gallagher, Ohio UAS Center

Federal Rules for UAS – David May, FAA

Training, Operations, and Maintenance – Dwayne Day, Delaware Department of Transportation

The Basics of Crash Scene Mapping – Captain Robert Hainje, Tippecanoe, Indiana Sheriff’s Office

UAS Use by Safety Service Patrols – Benjamin Goddard, Utah Department of Transportation

Centralized Image Processing – Dr. Darcy Bullock, Purdue University

Using UAS to Support TIM Training – Jose Hiraldo, Policia de Puerto Rico

Roundtable Discussion – Joe Campbell and James Gray, FHWA

Paul Jodoin, Jim Austrich, and Joe Tebo, FHWA Office of Operations, organized this workshop.

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