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A strategic approach to planning for operations that is guided by specific objectives and regular performance measurement will help ensure that the most effective operations strategies are incorporated into transportation plans. In many regions around the country, agencies are already applying elements of this approach in a variety of ways. This case study is just one example of where this is being done.

The Tucson metropolitan region embarked on developing a regional concept for transportation operations (RCTO) in 2005 as part of a Federal Highway Administration demonstration initiative to advance regional collaboration for operations. The RCTO is a management tool that operators and planners use to strategically plan for improving operations in their region. Through the development of the RCTO, the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) led a group of operations participants in identifying specific objectives and performance measures for arterial management, traveler information, and work zone management. These objectives guided Tucson's selection of management and operations strategies and the approaches for implementation. The RCTO group identified specific operations projects to be included in the PAG transportation improvement program (TIP) and funded through a half-cent transportation sales tax, which passed in 2006.

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Advancing Planning for Operations - Pima Association of Governments

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