Policy, Legislative & Regulatory Working Group

Chairs: Jennifer Toth, Maricopa County DOT and Paul Ajegba, Michigan DOT

The focus of the Policy, Legislative, and Regulatory (PLR) Working Group is on creating an open dialog and information sharing regarding policy, legislative, and regulatory topics related to cooperative automated transportation (CAT).  Membership includes executives and senior staff from state and local departments of transportation (DOTs), automobile manufacturers and suppliers, private contractors, and associations.

CAT positions from AASHTO, ITS America, and ITE are available on the following pages:


Anyone interested in additional information about the PLR Working Group may contact: Pat Zelinski, AASHTO staff contact at: pzelinski@aashto.org.

Current Activities:

The PLR Working Group has agreed to pursue three activities during 2018-2019 calendar year.  The following tables summarize these activities and provide links to resources as they are available. Following the table, please find links to the slide decks from prior webinars that the working group will routinely make available.

   Activity #1: Create a Clearinghouse of CAT Policy Frameworks and Policy Statements.

   Summary of Activity #1 approach:

  • Members will assemble, organize and summarize CAT related Policy Frameworks, providing benefits to agencies seeking to develop frameworks
  • This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of CAT Policy Frameworks, but rather to capture as many as possible, organize them, and help other agencies benefit from them.

Update as of 8/20/19: this activity is complete. 

Click here to view the summary table of CAT Policy Framework

Click here to view a document that captures emerging and noteworthy practices that were identified in the review of these 30 CAT policy frameworks. 

   Activity #2: Identify Funding Opportunities and Financing Models to Enable Near-term CAT    Investments

   Summary of Activity #2 approach:

  • Work through members to learn how public agencies are funding CAT investments
  • Document why the funding is important, what are the outcomes of the funding. 
  • Document what are the mechanisms to deploy CAT investments (e.g. cooperative agreements, challenges, demonstrations, etc.)
  • Identify Best Practices and document in a summary document or PowerPoint Presentation

This report presents the results of a survey that was administered in April 2019 to learn how state and local transportation agencies are funding their respective CAT activities and the general scale of funding they are investing.


   Activity #3: Identify Model Regulations that Enable Near-Term Pilots and Deployments

   Summary of Activity #3 approach:

  • Identify a small subset of topic areas for pilots
  • Explore regulation needs for these pilot topic areas
  • Explore the potential for a relationship with the Uniform Law Commission (ULC), offer this Working Group as a resource as they develop model legislation
  • Canvass other sources for model regulations related to the topic areas.
  • Consolidate the findings of model regulations and summarize in a presentation or document.

   Update as of 2/6/2019:  The PLR Working group identified two focus areas for this activity:

  • Truck Platooning; and
  • AV Testing on public roads.

On it's February 1, 2019 webinar, attendees heard a presentation on and discussed the status of truck platooning and regulatory efforts surrounding it. Click here for the paper discussed on the webinar.


Webinar Summaries

Below are webinar/meeting summaries for the Policy, Legislative, Regulatory (PLR) Working Group: