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Integrated Corridor Management and Traffic Incident Management: A Primer

Integrated Corridor Management / PDF / Performance Management / Project Development / Traffic Incident Management / Traffic...
This primer will examine both how TIM can be integrated into an ICM approach, as well as the many benefits resulting from ICM that can contribute to the advancement of TIM programs. It will... Learn More

Independent Evaluation of Heavy-Truck Safety Applications Based on Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communications Used in the Safety Pilot Model Deployment

Automated vehicles / Communications / Connected Vehicles / Freeway Management / Freight Management / Freight Management Operations...
This report presents the methodology and results of the independent evaluation of heavy trucks (HTs) in the Safety Pilot Model Deployment (SPMD); part of the United States Department of... Learn More

Connected Vehicle Infostructure Plan

Connected Vehicles / PDF / Planning / Project Development / Strategic Planning / Vehicle Systems/Connected Vehicles / State DOTs /...
The potential deployment of a connected vehicle system will represent new challenges to State DOT’s in terms of delivering an Infostructure which can facilitate these systems and allow for the... Learn More