Forecasting and Delivery of Highway Travel Time Reliability Information

TRB / SHRP2 Program


The report assesses the feasibility of employing predictive algorithms driven by historical and real-time traffic data to provide pre-trip, time-dependent travel time information based on origin, destination, and departure time. is working prototype of a forecasting service that predicts travel time for a given route based on both historical patterns and current conditions; the latter includes any information available to us about incidents (e.g., accidents), weather, and work zones.

Source Organization Location

Washington, DC

Operations Area of Practice

  • System Performance Definition, Monitoring and Reporting

Organizational Capability Element

  • Reliability Predictive Models

Content Type

  • Research

Role in Organization

  • Associate Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Researcher/Academic

Publishing Organization

  • SHRP2 Program


  • Learning

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Prime Contractor
Zongwei Tao, Jeffrey Spotts, Bin Lu, Xuesong Zhou, and Tao Xing
Issue Date
November 14th, 2012
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