NOCoE Case Studies

NOCoE Case Studies capture the strategies and practices currently being deployed to advance the TSMO industry and enable TSMO practitioners to save lives, time, and money.

Case studies are developed in partnership with the authoring organization or individual to succinctly transfer knowledge for the effective use by others in the industry.

Many of the case studies come from TSMO Award Submissions. Please be sure to consider submitting your practices for upcoming awards.

Additional case studies focus on academic and industry collaboration models, the 2017 solar eclipse, and other TSMO practices being deployed throughout the country.

Wyoming: Lessons learned from 2017 Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse moved west to east across the United States, covering fourteen states. This was a special event that required extensive planning by transportation agencies across the united states. It is important to look back at the 2017 Total Eclipse to see how state and... Learn More

Workforce Trends and Practices Applicable to TSMO

Technical Memorandum Highlights The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the ways we work. The value of schedule flexibility, remote/hybrid work, technology use, social purpose, work-life balance, pay, and benefits have shifted especially with many industries facing worker shortages. This memo... Learn More

Workforce Development with Ohio TSMO Coordinators

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How Ohio DOT ensure TSMO would be considered for all projects Why TSMO District Coordinators can be valuable to implementation of TSMO plans How successful District Coordinator roles are defined Background A key approach in the Ohio Department of Transportation’s... Learn More

Where the Data Meets the Highway: Creating Connections and Making Data-Driven Decisions Through an Enterprise Data Warehouse

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: Some benefits of combining several data sources into one enterprise data source. How groups can benefit and make cases for change by pulling data from the enterprise system. Some efforts that need to continue to make sure the enterprise data system remains... Learn More

Waycare Platform Deployment in Southern Nevada Traffic Management Center

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: 1. All four agencies managing operations in Southern Nevada contributed to the development of the Waycare Platform to advance operations. 2. A decrease in response time was seen in the first few weeks of the pilot program. 3. How the Waycare system automates... Learn More

Washtenaw Community College: How Collaboration Between Education and Industry Can Advance the Transportation Workforce

This case study looks at how Washtenaw Community College (WCC), located in southeastern Michigan, leveraged the experience of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), local Michigan Road Commissions and the burgeoning automotive and transportation technology sector, to tackle the short-and... Learn More

Virginia Transportation Research Council

IN THIS CASE STUDY, YOU WILL LEARN: How the long-term relationship between the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the University of Virginia have become crucial to advancing transportation and ultimately TSMO in the state. How the collaborative effort is contributing to workforce... Learn More

Use of the CMM Elements to Improve an Agency's TSMO Capabilities

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: The benefits of partnering with other organizations to meet mobility demands and safety concerns in corridors A methodology for exercising TSMO in a Mega-Region How to implement CMM in a Mega-Region BACKGROUND MetroPlan Orlando, the Metropolitan Planning... Learn More

Use of Social Media To Engage Responders and Promote Safety Laws & Practices

Oregon’s first responder community is vital to the operation of Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) roads. The efficiency of Traffic Incident Management (TIM) impacts residents’ quality of life and the safety of the first responders who regularly expose themselves to the dangers of working... Learn More

US-60 and I-10 Interchange Transformation Using TSMO Signage and Restripe Capabilities

US-60 is a major east-west freeway in the east valley of the Phoenix metro area and a principal arterial that spans the state of Arizona. US-60 provides commuter and business access to and from the Phoenix metropolitan region, the largest population center in Arizona. As westbound US-60 merges with... Learn More