New Episode of "ITE Talks Transportation" Podcast

New Episode Featured in Passenger Transport 
Highlights from the latest episode of ITE's Thought Leaders in Transportation series with Peter Rogoff, Chief Executive Officer of Sound Transit, are summarized in the current issue of the American Public Transportation Association's Passenger Transport publication.

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ITE Transportation and Health Initiative: Statement of Intent

At the January meeting of the ITE International Board of Direction, the Board established a 2017 initiative on Transportation and Health.  Past President, Paula Flores, was charged with working with ITE staff and volunteers in the development of this initiative and the preparation of a Statement of Intent to share with ITE members.  Over the last several months Paula and Jeff Lindley, ITE's Chief Technical Officer, have worked to lay out a series of steps and actions that ITE can take in the coming months to advance this initiative.  

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NOCoE Needs Your Help Improving Its Technical Service Offerings!

The National Operations Center of Excellence is currently evaluating its suite of services from 2016, in order to identify improvements for future offerings. Please visit the link below, and answer a series of questions about each of the services that you participated in during 2016. Based on your level of participating in previous services, we anticipate the survey will take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete.

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Patrick Son Announced as Managing Director

The Board of Directors of the National Operations Center of Excellence has named Patrick Son, P.E., as its Managing Director, effective August 3, 2016.

Son is a registered civil engineer with more than 10 years of experience including transportation and traffic planning, design, operations, and construction inspection. Son has also managed and worked in a nonprofit environment working directly with transportation stakeholders and is actively involved in volunteer engagement. 

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NOCoE Member Survey and Technical Services Ideas

Thanks to all of you who responded to the NOCoE Member Survey in February and March – we received significantly more feedback than in 2016, which will help us to improve our Technical Services Program going forward to maximize its value! NOCoE’s mission is to empower the TSMO community to succeed by enhancing knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). Part of the value proposition associated with KSA enhancement is constantly being on the search for new ways to connect with our stakeholders at all levels of TSMO programming and plan development.

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Drone Video Footage Helps Washington State Engineers Monitor Unstable Rock Slide Area

Via AASHTO Journal

When part of a steep hillside gave way March 13 in southwestern Washington and emptied debris onto part of State Route 503 near Woodland, the Washington State Department of Transportation needed to assess slope conditions before trying to clear the road.

So engineers sent up an aerial drone, which delivered video (below) that helped showed how unstable the hillside might still be.

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