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he full edition of the January–February 2016 TR News is now available. This edition features the annual overview of trends and developments in policy and practice at state departments of transportation and other agencies—particularly research needs, research in progress, and applied research—based on reports from the state partnership visits by TRB senior program officers in 2015. Read More

CDOT Tests New Smart Signs

Drivers may have noticed new signs along U.S. 36 and Interstate 25 as the Colorado Department of Transportation prepares to test the small black squares being called “smart signs.”

The goal of these signs will be to avoid stop and go traffic, and prevent another accident from happening after lanes slow from a first accident.

Drivers will see more specific information based on where you are along the highway, instead of just a warning to slow down or a lower speed limit. Read More

USDOT to Present at Several Upcoming Conferences

U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) staff members will speak at several upcoming conferences about the latest issues and developments related to intelligent transportation systems (ITS), including connected and automated vehicles and the impact of these exciting technologies on the future of transportation. Read More

MoDOT Creatively Demonstrates Proper Merging By Lloyd Brown, Director of Communications, AASHTO

One of my biggest complaints about working in transportation is that so many of us in the business tend to talk about the movement of cars and trucks when in reality our work in transportation is about moving people and goods.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has produced a video that tackles one of the hardest concepts to explain to drivers. And, they do it in a way that shows people making decisions about how to merge in a construction zone. Read More