Request a Crowdsourcing Workshop

Nearly 30 States have selected the Crowdsourcing for Operations innovation as a part of the EDC-5 Program and therefore are eligible to receive support from the EDC-5 National Crowdsource Team to make tangible operational improvements in using crowdsourced data. The Crowdsourcing Program may be able to deliver a workshop to your State and local transportation agencies, which informs DOT executives, managers, data stewards, and select operators of traffic management centers, signal systems, work zones, maintenance about opportunities through crowdsourced data. For more information regarding this workshop, please contact James Colyar, FHWA Office of Operations ( or 360.753.9408).

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand what crowdsourcing is and how crowdsourcing can be used within a transportation context to helps agencies improve operations, enhance safety, and justify program funding.
  • Learn about how various State and local agencies are using crowdsourced data to improve traveler information, incident detection, signal management, road weather management, and work zone management, maintenance, and other transportation functions such as performance reporting and transportation planning.
  • Understand the building blocks for the successful use of crowdsourcing and hear about EDC-5 resources and experts available to help make progress with crowdsourcing in your region.
  • Discuss and brainstorm on opportunities to obtain already available or new crowdsourced data. Develop a high-level action plan to capitalize on opportunities to improve operations through crowdsourced data use.