USDOT Authorizes First Phase of Smart Transportation Pilot

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Photo courtesy USDOT
Transportation officials  issued a pre-solicitation notice for the Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program. The notice, which focuses on the first phase of a project expected to take up to four years, seeks concepts that can be developed into workable models. 

DOT said the project aims ultimately to better connect drivers, vehicles and the infrastructure they use to produce better  informed travelers, enhance operational practices and transform surface transportation systems management. 

To achieve this, the agency wants to establish an interoperable networked wireless communications system  to transmit data between vehicles, infrastructure and devices used by drivers.

In the first phase of the project, DOT hopes to develop “an innovative and synergistic connected vehicle pilot deployment concept, to build partnerships among stakeholders, and to prepare a comprehensive pilot deployment plan that reduces technical, institutional and financial risk.” 

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